GRID by ronan & erwan bouroullec

for the 2019 edition of clerkenwell design week, british brand established & sons is exploring the live-work trend, resulting in a new collection of crossover designs to inspire work at home, in the office, in shared spaces and everywhere in-between. designed by ronan & erwan bouroullec, GRID responds to the rise of live-work spaces and the changing attitudes towards aesthetics in the working environment.

the working environment is no longer fixed — from offices to cafés and co-working spaces, the way we work is rapidly changing and as such, we are adapting. GRID by the bouroullec brothers for established & sons provides privacy in open interior spaces. thought as a colorful room-within-a-room, its raw shell provides a base for modular seating, shelves, tables and screens. its flexible core design allows GRID to be integrated in different ways depending on the use, creating a playful and multifunctional environment for informal meetings, presentations, or just hanging out.

based on a basic L-shaped module, GRID has two 2.5-metre-long sides enclosed by tall back and side panels. upholstered as a sofa, or functioning as a built-in side table, the sides can be whatever the user wants them to be. a standing or sitting desk can be also be created for informal work with just the addition of an external shelf. the side panels are either available in a metal grid that facilitates communication, or in a larch-wood veneer that can be covered with accosting upholstery for more intimate interactions.


GRID is so flexible it can also be assembled in many ways; as a U-shaped module that creates a more enveloping effect; as a straight module without a seat functioning that works as a partition; or as a straight module with a seat offering a bench. the modules can also be joined together to create rows of different uses.

In addition to aiding different work processes, the table and its accompanying office tools are designed for easy assembly, and can be packed away without the need for any tools, allowing users to enable a more efficient use of space.

While the mobile, flexible system is designed to be used in offices, it can also be used in educational settings such as schools.

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Posted by: heatons
September 2019