Shielding workers from “excessive noise”

SilentLab unveils collection of standalone MicroOffices to shield workers from “excessive noise”

Described as a “revolution in the work environment”, the collection of enclosed workspaces can be installed in any office to create acoustically separated individual desk spaces or meeting rooms.

“People in today’s workplaces struggle with excess noise and a lack of privacy. SilentLab is pioneering solutions for these problems,” said SilentLab co-founder Jan Kanka.

The acoustically protected workspaces are available in four variants. MicroOffice Prime is a “virtually sound proof” single-person desk space with both solid and glass walls and a solid roof, while MicroOffice Uniq has similar specifications, but with a glass roof to let more light in.

MicroOffice Cubiq is a larger space that can be used for private meetings of two to four people and MicroOffice Quadrio is a modular workspace that grows with the company creating soundproof meeting room for up to eight people.

The MicroOffice Uniq and Cubiq were recognised at the 2019 Red Dot Product Design Awards.

Named the MicroOffice collection, the standalone units can be installed without the need for any structural modifications to the existing office.

Each of the MicroOffices is constructed from layers of solid wood and acoustic materials along with sound-insulating glass and a sonically sealed door with magnetic lock to ensure that the space is full insulated from exterior noise.

The spaces also have a ventilation system that silently supplies fresh air to the workspaces, while the upholstered panels also mean that the MicroOffices improve the acoustics of the outside space.

Founded in 2015, SilentLab is based in Prague, Czech Republic. The MicroOffices are manufactured in its own factory.

They are available in a wide variety of colours and high quality materials that are 98 per cent natural to complement any existing office.

“Visual appeal is as important to us as top-tier performance,” explained SilentLab co-founder Jaroslav Vendl. “After years of research and development, we’ve created a completely incomparable design. There’s nothing else like it”

Find out more about MicroOffice on SilentLab’s website.

Photography is by SilentLab.

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Posted by: heatons
September 2019